About Paxo products

It was invented in 1901 by John Crampton, a butcher from Eccles in Manchester, who wanted to make Sunday lunches more exciting.

It was a slow start, because stuffing is mainly served with poultry, which was a luxury at the time. But as the price of chickens dropped in the 1950's and 60's, Paxo stuffing's popularity really took off.

It's now available in a range of seven great-tasting flavours, designed to complement all kinds of meat. Parsley & Thyme was the firm favourite for many years, but the growth of chicken roasts in the 60's changed all that. Nowadays Sage and Onion is the firm favourite.

While Sage & Onion is the perfect compliment for roast chicken, roast turkey and roast pork are the next most frequently eaten meats with stuffing. Paxo has Chestnut & Cranberry to compliment turkey perfectly, for Christmas dinner with a twist, or for pork there is Paxo Sage & Onion with a hint of apple.

Paxo stuffing is available in three ranges: Sage & Onion which is the classic stuffing flavour; Variants which are Sage & Onion with a hint of Garlic, Lemon or Apple; and Celebrations which are a bit more special.